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Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage Two (UKS2) at King’s Meadow Academy is made up of three classes.

Year 5 / 6 –Rose Class (Mrs Thomas)
Year 5 /6  – Thistle Class (Miss Simms)
Year 6 – Snapdragons Class (Miss Coggill)


In Upper Key Stage Two, we continue to  build upon the learning that has taken place from Foundation Stage through to Lower Key Stage Two.


We are committed to helping our children become independent, life-long learners with the knowledge and skills they need in all subjects. We are developing a progressive, skill based curriculum with opportunities for the children to learn and excel in both academic and non-academic subjects. Throughout all subjects, we weave our ‘World Citizens’ strand, so that children are taught to challenge stereotypes and are educated that our differences should be respected and celebrated. Children have opportunities to learn and excel through both academic and non-academic learning experiences, as we strive to develop the ‘whole child.’


At King’s Meadow Academy we recognise the importance of our role in developing children’s character and well-being, alongside their academic achievements.

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