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Year One/Two (Bluebells Class)

Welcome to Year 1 / 2 at King’s Meadow Academy.

Mrs Odumala and Mrs Armitage are our Bluebell Class teachers.


In Bluebell Class, we love to learn and have fun as we learn. We have an inspiring, creative, supportive and safe class environment where every child feels valued and feels motivated to attain their full potential. Children take pride in their work and achievements thereby raising their confidence and building their self-esteem. Children are encouraged to behave well, be kind to one another and maintain keen friendships.  Each day, the children show their diligence in everything that they do. They continue to develop themselves as hardworking, resilient and independent learners which is the ultimate goal of our class.  Miss Armitage supports Y1/2 Bluebell Class.


As part of our history topic ‘How has King’s Meadow Academy changed over time?’ there is a knowledge organiser to support children’s learning with this.


Knowledge organiser

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