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Welcome to King's Meadow Academy

King’s Meadow Academy is a school with a great deal of potential.  We joined the Waterton Academy Trust in the summer of 2018 and our committed staff team are driving through very positive improvements across every phase of the school.

Our building and site has undergone an extensive programme of works to bring the school up to standard for our children.  After a period of turbulence and under-performance, King’s Meadow Academy is now on a pathway to provide a good education for the children we serve.

I am very proud to be leading the school through this very exciting and positive transformation.  At King’s Meadow Academy our work is underpinned by our positive approach.  Our learning environment is more stimulating and we have very high aspirations and expectations for all of our children.  We want our learners to flourish academically as well as develop confidence, resilience, creativity and hopefully a lifelong love of learning. 

As a welcoming and caring community school any current or prospective parents are welcome to come and see us in action.  Please call the office to arrange and I would be delighted to meet you.

Mr Robert Cochrane


Easter 2021 Letter to parents

Dear Parents / Carers,

We are really pleased with how children have returned to school and how well they have settled. We thank you for your support in achieving good whole school attendance figures across school so far.
There are some dates for your diary below. All the events are to support worthy causes and to give our children opportunity to participate in events promoting health and well being:

Friday 12th March – Fun Friday!
This is ‘Fun Friday’. We have planned this in as a celebration in all classes for the final day in our first week back! Children should attend school wearing non-uniform. There will be fun activities in the
afternoon for all classes to participate in.

Friday 19th March – Comic Relief
To support fundraising for Comic Relief, we are asking children to come to school wearing red / Comic Relief merchandise. Children may wear their red noses to school but we would ask that you name these so that they can be returned to children if they are lost / mixed up. May we also respectfully request that any red hair dye is temporary and that your child attends school from Monday 22nd March with their usual hairstyle.
We will collect money (suggested donation £1) at the classroom and will send all donations to Comic Relief.

Friday 26th March – Easter Activity Afternoon
Children may attend school wearing non-uniform. Children will participate in some creative Easter activities during the day. On non-uniform days, we ask that you bear in mind that children will still undertake some of their normal activities which may involve using glue and paint etc. Please select an outfit that is suitable for these activities and to remember to wear suitable shoes / coat for playtimes. 

We have noticed that some children are presently wearing a variation to their school uniforms. This is due to children growing over lockdown. We appreciate that it is difficult to obtain some items due to closures of some shops. Local supermarkets do stock a number of items that are part of our uniform at very competitive prices. To be fair to all families, we are happy to accommodate these variations on a  short term basis until Friday 26th March. 

Once children return after the Easter holidays on Monday 12th April, it is our expectation that all children are in correct uniform and footwear. Please contact school if you are going to have any problems obtaining suitable uniform / PE kit by this date.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Robert Cochrane

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Here is a link to the MyOn site that parents can access. Your username and password are the same as Accelerated Reader.

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