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Welcome to King's Meadow Academy

Dear parents and carers,

We have been advised by Waterton Academy Trust that things are being put in place to deal with the emergency measures introduced by the government yesterday. Given we are planning a coordinated effort involving many community partners, this will take a little time . Please be reassured that more details regards arrangements will be communicated both today and tomorrow.  We would like to thank you for your patience and on going support. 

Trust Updates:

Hamper Registration Letter

Hamper Registration Form

Here is a link to the MyOn site that parents can access. Your username and password are the same as Accelerated Reader.

Welcome to our school website which is under development and will continue to improve over this academic year and beyond. 

King’s Meadow Academy is a school with a great deal of potential.  We joined the Waterton Academy Trust in the summer of 2018 and our committed staff team are driving through very positive improvements across every phase of the school.

Our building and site has undergone an extensive programme of works to bring the school up to standard for our children.  After a period of turbulence and underperformance, King’s Meadow Academy is now on a pathway to provide a good education for the children we serve.

I am very proud to be leading the school through this very exciting and positive transformation.  At King’s Meadow Academy our work is underpinned by our positive approach.  Our learning environment is more stimulating and we have very high aspirations and expectations for all of our children.  We want our learners to flourish academically as well as develop confidence, resilience, creativity and hopefully a lifelong love of learning. 

As a welcoming and caring community school any current or prospective parents are welcome to come and see us in action.  Please call the office to arrange and I would be delighted to meet you.

Mr Robert Cochrane


King's Meadow