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Modern Foreign Languages

Subject Leader: Mrs C Thomas


Aims in teaching Spanish at King’s Meadow Academy
We aim:
• To provide opportunities across the curriculum for children to develop their listening skills from an early age.
• To teach about a variety of tuned and non-tuned musical instruments including their voice.
• To develop an awareness of how to use these instruments effectively by changing rhythm, pitch or dynamics.
• To enable pupils to respond to and evaluate live and recorded music, including their own and others’ compositions and performances;
• To provide an opportunity for all children at all levels to perform alone and with others, using a range of instruments and their voices, developing an awareness of audiences, venue and occasion.


How is the content / theme chosen?

At King’s Meadow Academy we follow the Language Angels programme to support the teaching of Spanish.


Language Angels was founded in 2012.


Interactive teaching materials are provided for all lessons.  Interactive teaching materials are provided for all lessons. They cover a wide variety of topics (including cross-curricular topics) with all instances of the foreign language pre-recorded using a native speaker and fully controlled by the teacher.


How do we ensure progression of knowledge and skills?

At King’s Meadow Academy we have in place, for each subject area, a knowledge and skills progression document, which is used for planning, to ensure sequenced and appropriate content for specific year groups, as well as a build up of knowledge and skills.

Within these documents there are also opportunities for differentiation, in order to meet the needs of all learners.


How is the subject taught?

With more than 26 teaching units (each designed to run for 6 weeks) there are enough Language Angels resources to enable us to teach the language of our choice for 4 complete school years.

All the units are organised into easy to understand, clearly defined categories that enable you to pick the right unit for the level of ability of your class.

Units vary from our easiest Early Language Units(which are ideal for children with little or no previous foreign language knowledge) to Intermediate Units (ideal for pupils building up their foreign language expertise) through  Creative Curriculum Units (which tie in to familiar curriculum topics) and finally to Progressive Units (which are great for extending and challenging pupils with a sound understanding of the basics of the language they are learning).

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